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Though these links are specific to and, through the Smashwords site you can find these books at Barnes & Noble and the Apple store amongst others. Smashwords also provides nearly every ebook format and continually updates to ensure that books are compatible with any new eReader technology.

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"Craft Faire Love - book 1" - Adult Content

"The Tahoe Files - Craft Faire Love book 2" - Adult Content

"Jason & Alicia - A Craft Faire Love Story" - Adult Content

"Teaching Deanna - Deanna book 1" - Adult Content

"Tara's Nightmare & Beyond - Deanna book 2" - Adult Content

"Things To Come" - Adult Content

"Irons in the Fire" - Adult Content

"Mile High Dreams" - Adult Content

"These Girls Can Play" - Adult Content

"It's All Over But The Shouting!"

"Castaway Island - Book 1"

"Le Petite Castaway Island - Book 1 (short version)"

"Zardoc - Castaway Island - Book 2"

"The Pods - Castaway Island - Book 3"

"Return to Castaway Island - A Castaway Island Story"

"The Ghosts - A Castaway Island Story"

"Vietnam: A Distant Memory"

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